Ladies Auxiliary President, Peggy Fowler Bennett 

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Past Presidents:

Eligibility for membership in the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary shall be limited to the mothers, wives, grandmothers, regardless of age, and to the daughters, stepdaughters (a stepdaughter must have been a dependent of an AMVET or deceased veteran prior to their eighteenth birthday to be eligible), sisters and granddaughters, not less than 18 years of age, of regular members of AMVETS; and to the mothers and widows, regardless of age, and to the daughters, sisters and granddaughters, not less than 18 years of age, of deceased veterans who would have been eligible for membership in AMVETS, and female veterans who  served honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States after September 15, 1940, or as an American Citizen in the Armed Forces of Allied countries after September 15, 1940, and before May 8, 1975, who maintain their AMVET membership unless they meet the established eligibility criteria. The term mother shall be construed to include any female member of the family, or any female guardian of such person or deceased veteran, who has exercised or is exercising the care and responsibility for the rearing of such person or deceased veteran.

A person shall become a member of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary upon written application, establishing her eligibility, and payment of dues to all levels as required by the Constitution. After application is completed, it must be submitted to the Local AMVETS membership chairman for verification of eligibility.

No person who is a member of, or who advocates the principles of any organization believing in, or working for the overthrow of the United States Government by force, and no person who refuses to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States shall be privileged to become or continue to be a member of this organization.


Dorothy Smith

Frankie Donament

Marilyn Schmidt

Wanda Marples

Kitty Hays

Veda Figg

Joanne Grubs

Barbara Guth

Gloria Davis

Carol Fowler 

Kathy Hays

Patty Eaves

Chris Cress

Donna Leisten

Tracy Hayes

Kelly Elliot

Joy Herb

Theresa Adkins

Michelle Pendleton

Peggy Bennett

Ladies Auxiliary Officers

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President: Peggy Bennett

1st Vice: Dawn Scheel- Smith

2nd Vice: Cheryl Almeida

3rd Vice Karen Burgos

Chaplain: Jennifer Duncan

Parliamentarian: Joy Herb

Hospital: Amber Haysley

Americanism: Christy Shears

Scholarship: Peggy Fowler Bennett

Ways and Means: Karen Taylor

PRO/Historian: Carolyn Beatty

Seminar Officer: Kathy Hays

Liaison Officer: Karen Leffler

Sgt. of Arms: Jenny Duncan

Secretary: Carolyn Beatty

Special Projects:

- Paws with a Cause:

- John Tracy Center:

- Americanism-Veteran's Dinner and more:

- Eye Glasses to Lions Club: 


     KY Lions Eye Center

    301 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd.

     Louisville, KY 40202

     Phone: 502-588-0550

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